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Need Packout Services After Fire Damage in Tarzana or Reseda?

10/14/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO boxes for packing out contents Packout, inventory, boardup, and storage all in one company. SERVPRO 818-881-3636

For 25 years SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda has provided structural cleaning, contents cleaning, and deodorization after a fire. SERVPRO also offers additional specialized services to our Los Angeles community:

Board-Up Services

After a fire loss in Tarzana or Reseda, CA, it is important to secure your property and belongings from possible theft and vandalism.  SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda offers 24-hour board-up services for, windows, doors, and exposed walls to prevent intrusion by both water and unauthorized people or wildlife.

Inventory, Pack-Out, and Onsite Storage

As cleanup and restoration begin, SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda inventories your contents thoroughly.  As contents are being inventoried, they are sorted and categorized as salvageable & cleaned, or unsalvageable, and documented with photos and descriptions for insurance purposes. This will help you get paid for your lost items. SERVPRO packs-out and stores unaffected belongings in our climate-controlled warehouse or on-site if space and safety allow. until your fire damage restoration is complete.   Our SERVPRO technicians are trained to properly inventory, pack-out, and restore your contents during the cleaning, restoration, and deodorization process.

SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda employs industry-leading techniques and state-of-the-art technology, SERVPRO’s restoration professionals will help you recover from your fire damage no matter the size of the loss. Call SERVPRO 818-881-3636 now!

Flash Flood Season is Coming!

10/13/2020 (Permalink)

flooded street with signs and baracades Be Storm Ready Los Angeles! Call SERVPRO for more tips. 818-881-3636

At SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda, we want you to be safe and prepared in case of a flood, storm, or water damage so that you won't need us.

There are things you can do to prepare for flood in Tarzana and Reseda:

  • Contact your insurance agent to verify coverage. Most policies do not cover flooding or contents, call to make sure you get covered for any disaster.
  • Download a weather app to make sure you get alerts or use a Weather Radio, a battery-powered radio, or your TV for emergency information.
  • Have a plan. Everyone in your family should know where to go if they find themselves in an emergency. Trying to make plans at the last minute can be confusing and terrifying.
  • Discuss flash floods. You should know what to do in case all family members are not together.

Discussing floods ahead of time helps reduce fear and anxiety and lets everyone know how to respond and do it safely.

 SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda can help you both before and after a flash flood, storm, or mudslide.  Call us 24/7.  We're happy to help. 818-881-3636

Fire Prevention Week

10/12/2020 (Permalink)

Flame engulfed building We are always here to help 24/7. Call SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda now! 818-881-3636

National Fire Prevention Week started because of the Chicago Fire of 8171.  It caused great damage to the city. The History Channel states that this fire killed 300 people and destroyed more than 17,000 buildings. It is thought that a cow tipping over a lantern in a barn, started it, but the answer is still unknown as to its true source.

 The National Fire Protection Association's 3 L's:

“LOOK” for places that fires could start. Identify potential fire hazards and eliminate them.

“LISTEN” for the smoke alarm. You have very few minutes to escape safely once a smoke alarm goes off.

“LEARN” the two ways out of every room. Make sure the doors and windows in your home open easily and are hazard-free.

In a fire, seconds can make a safe escape or a tragedy. That is why all members of your household should have a plan and know how to stay safe in case of fire. Follow these safety tips on escape planning by the NFPA.

Call SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda in the unfortunate event of fire damage at 818-881-3636. 

There is Science Behind SERVPRO's Drying Process

10/12/2020 (Permalink)

water drops on hardwood floor Call the experts @ SERVPRO for your water damage cleanup. 818-881-3636.

Water damage occurs and you may grab a few towels to mop up the mess and maybe even place a fan or two facing the moisture. But the damage may be much more than you might think and there is actually a science behind our drying processes.

Our SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians are highly trained in the science of drying down water damages and follow strict standards to help lower the chance of your property sustaining secondary damages. If you suffer water damage, SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda will:

  • Inspect your loss to detect hidden moisture to help prevent secondary damage.
  • Measure how much moisture is in effected materials, monitor the materials to ensure proper dry down.
  • Speed up the process by using professional drying equipment.

How do we need to speed up drying times? Wet buildings can dry naturally as the environment always seeks equilibrium. When building materials are wet, moisture will naturally wick to drier air, but only if the air is, actually drier. The problem is nature often takes a long time and secondary damage may occur while the loss is drying, which could lead to mold infestation.

SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda has the trainingand equipment to dry your home & business. We use state of the art monitoring equipment and proven scientific processes to help speed the drying of your property. Call Now for a free inspection at 818-881-3636.


10/8/2020 (Permalink)

vehicle evacuating from a wildfire SERVPRO is faster to any size disaster. Call 818-81-3636 to schedule a free inspection for fire, smoke & soot cleanup and restoration.

Wildfires have become a common thing in Southern California and especially Los Angeles County. Tarzana and Reseda residents often suffer from smoke, soot, and odor following these deadly fires.  SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda is here to help with all of it.  If you find yourself in a situation that you have to evacuate, we have prepared a list of things that you will definitely need.

When immediate evacuation is required, GRAB THESE P’S:

  •    People and pets
  •    Papers & important documents
  •    Phone numbers
  •    Prescriptions, vitamins, and eyeglasses
  •    Pictures and irreplaceable memorabilia
  •    Personal computer & hard drive 
  •    “Plastic” (credit/debit cards) and cash

It is not necessary to wait for the authorities to issue an evacuation order. If you feel threatened, then evacuate early. It is always the safest option.

When the smoke clears and you are ready to get back to good SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda is here for you 24/7 818-881-3636. 

Fire Cleanup Help SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda

10/8/2020 (Permalink)

plume of smoke in a residential area Could this be your home? Do you know what to do? Call SERVPRO 24/7 for immediate service 818-881-3636

At SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda, we train our technicians to always work closely with homeowners and businesses. We provide specialized services to help you to get through any crisis. If you require fire, smoke, or soot cleanup and restoration services, just give us a call 24/7. 818-881-3636 We are always here to help.  

In addition to fire damage restoration services, SERVPRO also offers accompanying services to help get you, your belongings, and family back to normal asap following a fire damage incident. Our technicians are trained to mitigate fire damage in your home but also to provide cleaning and inventory services and negotiate with insurance companies for you. We are also licensed contractors and can do the repairs after fire damage to your Tarzana or Reseda home.

Inventory -  
With software and tracking technology, our SERVPRO team takes inventory of the contents in your property going room-by-room photographing, cleaning, and packing for you. Not only does this help you to better understand what was lost in the fire, but it also helps when filing your claim with your insurance provider

Moving Services - 
Our technicians move out and store your contents while your property is being restored. This goes with our inventory services as one will generally accompany the other. 

Knowing that your belongings are safe and cared for is our primary goal.  Call SERVPRO to learn more about our packing, inventory, and moving services.818-881-3636

Avoid Health Hazards From Flood Damage

10/7/2020 (Permalink)

muddy driveway with flooded again sign Always here to help! Call SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda now! 818-881-3636

Southern California and Los Angeles rarely get rainstorms and flooding. In extreme cases of flooding chemicals and toxic waste end up in the floodwaters that infiltrate homes and commercial buildings during storms. 

This is why it is very important to seek professional advice when dealing with floods in Woodland Hills.  SERVPRO deals with severe water damage on a daily basis and has been for 25 years. Our priority is to reverse the storm damage, eliminate all traces of toxic materials in the water & restore your property to the original condition.

SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda knows that flooding can be stressful, but flooding from a storm tends to make home and property owners feel helpless. With the support of SERVPRO, you don't have to be concerned. We can help you take back control and get repairs started quickly. Call us 24/7 @ 818-881-3636.

Steps to Developing an Emergency Response Plan

10/7/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO ERP app Storm season is upon us. Don't be caught unprepared! Call now for help. 818-881-3636
  1. Review your objectives for the plan you plan to implement.
  2. Identify any hazards or threats.  
  3. Assess the availability and capacity of resources you plan to use. Such as people, emergency response teams, and equipment available.
  4. Contact public emergency services e.g., LAFD, LAPD, and emergency services like SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda to determine their response time to your facility and help you make a plan.
  5. See if there are regulations regarding emergency planning at your address and put the regulations in your plan.
  6. Plan actions for safety evacuation, shelter, shelter-in-place, & lockdown scenarios.
  7. Develop emergency procedures using FEMA's Emergency Response Plan Template for Businesses.
  8. Practice your plan so people can fulfill their roles and responsibilities.
  9. Facilitate exercises ( to practice your plan.
  10. Emergency Planning Information

Call SERVPRO to help you set to all up (ERP)!  818-881-3636.

3 Steps - After You Have a Water Damage

10/6/2020 (Permalink)

Water soaked room from a flood Day or Night SERVPRO is here to help. 818-881-3636

You should already begin extracting water and moving your belongings!

Water damages are stressful situations.  As long as you take these 3 steps while you wait for  SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda to arrive you’ll have the situation under control.

 Here are some important steps to take if you have water damage in your home or business.

  1. Shut off the water!  Before mitigation can begin, the first thing to do is to make sure the water damage isn’t getting any worse. For example, if the source is a broken pipe, make sure the water has been shut off and the pipes have been fixed by a reputable plumber.  
  1. Remove as much water as possible  SERVPRO will begin extraction upon arrival, but you should do as much as you can to keep the water from spreading. The faster this is addressed, the less damage you will have to fix. So get as much water out of your property as possible so a restoration company can begin drying ASAP.
  1. Move furniture and belongings out    Move the affected room’s contents to a dry area. When furniture, fabrics, books, and other objects sit in water for too long (24-72 hours), they can get affected by mold. 

Flooding, leaks, and water damages are common but most homeowners don’t deal with them very often. When disaster strikes most people don’t know what to do or who to call. Fortunately, we clean up and mitigate water damages daily and have been for 25 years. Call SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda 818-881-3636 now!

How SERVPRO is Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

10/6/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee wearing PPE ULV Fogging helps kill airborne pathogens.

SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda Performs Cleaning and Disinfecting Services For Businesses and Homeowners

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has slowed or halted most local businesses and kept homeowners home and feeling uncertain.  This has been a  huge strain on everyone. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting homes in Tarzana, Reseda, and Los Angeles, CA, SERVPRO is committed to continuing to help local businesses stay open. We have precautions to keep our employees and our customers safe by following both OSHA and CDC protocol.

Even though we have offered cleaning and disinfecting services to local businesses and homeowners for over 25 years, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it crucial.  Many businesses have contacted us to schedule preventative or proactive cleanings.  Some to clean after confirmed cases.

SERVPRO of Tarzana/Reseda follows CDC guidelines to target hotspots and all areas in danger of spreading pathogens. The CDC has recommended the use of labeled hospital-grade disinfectants with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. SERVPRO has several EPA-approved products of our own that meet those standards. We also have earth-friendly and environmentally safe cleaning products.

Call SERVPRO to schedule a free estimate 818-881-3636